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Canned Meats: Practical Protein Options for Preppers

Canned Meats: Practical Protein Options for Preppers

Enhance your food reserves with a selection of canned meats that cater to preppers' needs. From tuna to canned ham and even canned bacon – yes, bacon in a can – there exists a diverse range of canned meats that stand as the optimal protein sources for preppers. In addition to these, don't forget about alternatives like freeze-dried sausage crumbles and Italian meatballs. Below, we delve further into the realm of canned meats.

Inclusion of Canned Meats in Preppers' Supplies

In times of uncertainty, maintaining variety in your provisions becomes crucial. The presence of canned meat in a prepper's stash can also serve as a morale-boosting factor, potentially offering a survival advantage. Beyond this, meat stands as a valuable source of essential protein. It is for this reason that the accumulation of a diverse array of canned meats in your day-to-day food storage, alongside freeze-dried meat options for long-term sustenance, holds significance.

While considering variety, it is advisable to focus on acquiring meats that align with your family's preferences. Prioritize purchasing canned meats that your family enjoys, and feel free to omit options that lack appeal, such as canned pâté. Similarly, the fact that other preppers might opt for SPAM doesn't necessarily make it the ideal choice for your family's canned meat selection.

Diverse Selection of Canned Meats for Your Stockpile

Here is a compilation of notable choices for canned meats that you might consider adding to your stockpile. These options encompass a range of canned meat products, encompassing items such as canned bacon, canned ham, canned hamburger, as well as an assortment of other meat varieties like roast beef, chicken, turkey, and fish.

Introducing Yoder's Canned Bacon - Canned Meat #1

Discover the savory delight of Yoder's Canned Bacon! If you've been craving bacon, you're in for a treat. Yoder's offers a unique option that might have eluded your awareness, simply because it's not commonly found on grocery store shelves. What sets this canned bacon apart is its exceptional suitability for preppers and its distinctive qualities that cater to a range of culinary uses.

Yoder's Canned Bacon presents itself as a true marvel for preppers. This product emerges as a solution that may not have crossed your mind due to its limited availability in traditional retail outlets. Characterized by a rich smokiness and an impressive shelf life, Yoder's canned bacon secures its spot as a valuable addition to any prepper's pantry. Each can contains approximately 40 slices of fully cooked bacon, meticulously drained of excess fat. Notably, this delectable meat treat boasts a remarkable shelf life of up to 10 years, ensuring lasting enjoyment and readiness.

Embrace the versatility of Yoder's canned bacon by incorporating it into your culinary repertoire. It effortlessly complements your preferred breakfast choices as a flavorful side. Alternatively, you can dice and blend these succulent bacon strips into your egg-based creations or pasta dishes. The potential applications are extensive: assemble classic BLT sandwiches, wrap them around vegetables for a grilled barbecue twist, or finely chop the strips to enhance a refreshing spinach salad. The possibilities are countless, making Yoder's canned bacon an asset in your culinary endeavors.

Canned Meat Option #2: Yoder's Canned Hamburger

Yoder's, a well-established brand based in Ohio, has been upholding the Amish family tradition for over four decades in producing their signature canned hamburger. This product offers a dependable solution for nourishing your family during periods of unpredictability, all while maintaining a gourmet essence. The core essence of Yoder's canned hamburger is its genuine hamburger meat, preserved meticulously to eliminate perishability. With no need for refrigeration, this item proves to be exceptionally practical for various scenarios including camping, travel, and extended food storage situations.

Incorporating Yoder's canned hamburger into your pantry can be complemented by spaghetti sauce and noodles, or even alongside hamburger helper packages. Beyond personal consumption, this canned meat serves as a valuable contribution to food banks, potentially aiding those in need. Noteworthy is the fact that this canned hamburger is a premium offering during uncertain times, given its inherent simplicity of pure meat conveniently sealed within a can.

Another notable option in the realm of canned hamburger is Keystone Ground Beef, presenting an alternative worth considering. It's advised to be mindful of the can sizes when comparing options. Specifically, Yoder's canned hamburger boasts a 28-ounce size, and exploring bulk purchase opportunities can lead to significant savings on a per-can basis.

Canned Meat Spotlight #3: Yoder's Canned Beef Taco Filling.

Picture the convenience of effortlessly unsealing a can containing savory beef taco filling and gently warming its contents. Pair this with a mylar bag filled with crisp taco shells, or alternatively, craft your own tortillas using flour or corn. Elevate your tacos by adding freshly harvested lettuce and tomatoes from your garden. This level of culinary indulgence becomes attainable through thoughtful advance preparation. Notably, Yoder's Taco Beef filling stands out due to its utilization of grass-fed beef, prepared following traditional Amish methods.

Canned Meat Selection #4: Keystone Pulled Pork

Another viable option within the realm of canned meat is the Keystone Pulled Pork. This product offers the convenience of having pulled pork readily available, even in emergency situations. With Keystone Pulled Pork, you can envision savoring delicious pulled pork sandwiches without the need for elaborate preparations.

Keystone Pulled Pork presents itself as a delectable addition to your food storage provisions. The preparation is simple – just introduce your preferred barbecue sauce, and ensure you have some buns conveniently stored in your freezer. This canned meat is already fully cooked and prepared for immediate consumption. Despite its pre-cooked state, Keystone Pulled Pork retains its tenderness. The use of chunk-style pork helps maintain the anticipated texture and flavor that you associate with your favorite pulled pork sandwiches and recipes.

One of the notable features of Keystone's product is its commitment to natural ingredients. This canned pulled pork contains no MSG or other preservatives. Moreover, it aligns with dietary preferences, being gluten-free, low in sodium, and low in fat content.

For an alternative option, consider Swanson Pulled Pork. This variant comes conveniently paired with barbecue sauce, eliminating the need for additional condiments. It also comes in a smaller can size, catering to individual serving requirements.

Canned Meat Choice #5: Keystone Beef.

Having a supply of high-quality canned beef in your pantry can prove essential during harsh weather conditions or personal emergencies. Keystone Beef presents a robust solution to these situations. The generously sized 28-ounce can is suitable for a satisfying family meal. By keeping it readily accessible, you ensure a convenient dinner option without the need to venture to the grocery store. This canned beef can be excellently served as stroganoff alongside egg noodles or utilized to create gourmet sloppy Joes. Keystone offers this delectable, minimally processed, all-natural beef in two available sizes.

An alternative canned meat selection is Libby's Roast Beef.

Libby's roast beef is parboiled and steam roasted to perfection, accompanied by savory gravy. This particular canned beef variety is a great addition to burritos, and it's equally delightful when served alongside vegetables such as mashed potatoes and peas. Its versatility extends to being a suitable meat choice for your beef stroganoff recipe as well.

Canned Meat Selection #6: Canned Ham.

Among the assortment of canned meats typically found in a prepper's pantry, canned ham stands out as a flavorful inclusion due to its culinary impact on recipes. With its versatile appeal, ham lends itself well to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, solidifying its status as the most adaptable option among canned meats.

A diverse array of canned ham varieties exists, encompassing freeze-dried options, processed ham spreads like Underwood, pork chunks such as Yoder's, and the premium whole ham in a can offered by DAK.

DAK Ham: Hailing from Denmark, renowned for its delectable hams, DAK's canned ham boasts not only a gratifying taste but also the convenience of an easily accessible lid and a compact size. The popularity of this choice among preppers can be attributed to its manageable can dimensions that fit comfortably in one's hand, leading to reduced wastage through smaller portions. Though an attractive prospect priced around $5 per can (approximately one pound of canned meat), locating DAK ham in pharmacies or the canned meat aisle of local grocery stores can prove challenging, often resulting in swift sellouts. While a three-pack purchase option exists, it's worth noting that shipping costs are incorporated.

Hormel Chunk Lean Smoked Canned Ham: Crafted from carefully chosen fresh hams, meticulously trimmed to eliminate excessive fat and tough connective tissue, Hormel's chunk lean canned ham presents itself as another commendable protein source, distinguished by its delightful smoky essence. Integrating these canned ham chunks into pasta dishes or fashioning a ham-based salad for pairings with crackers becomes a savory possibility. Remarkably, it stands as an optimal choice among canned hams in terms of its cost-effectiveness.

Premium Quality Underwood Deviled Ham Spread: Underwood's Deviled Ham Spread has maintained a revered reputation in the American culinary scene since 1868. The product retains its appeal by utilizing prime ham, cured in its natural juices, combined with a unique blend of natural spices. This spread can be enjoyed directly from the can, needing nothing more than a cracker or slice of bread to accompany it. One prepper aptly expressed, "As a provision for emergencies or immediate sustenance, this product proves excellent. Its delightful taste further enhances its value." Typically available in bulk, purchasing 48 units of this classic canned meat is an option. Nevertheless, it's worth mentioning that encountering this product at local grocery stores can be a challenge.

#7 Unveiling the Mystery of Canned (Mystery) Meats

Canned meats have captured the favor of Americans, with SPAM and Vienna Sausage being the preferred choices in many Prepper's food stores. While their nutritional credentials might raise eyebrows, their taste certainly has its appeal.

SPAM, an amalgamation of "spiced ham," holds a distinct position in America's culinary landscape. Originating in 1937 by Hormel for the U.S. Army, SPAM comprises pork shoulder and ham, blended with potato starch and ample nitrate. Despite its composition being no enigma, its merit lies in its convenience and taste, making it a reliable staple for sandwiches and emergency provisions. Notably, SPAM boasts popularity in Hawaiian cuisine, taking forms like SPAM sushi or wok-fried renditions served over rice. For those seeking an island touch in their culinary endeavors, the recipe book "Hawaii Cooks with SPAM" is a valuable resource.

Pâté, a delicacy tracing its origins to France and Belgium, presents a refined alternative to SPAM. A luxurious blend of cooked meat and fat, minced into a spreadable consistency, pâté stands apart. Varieties cater to both omnivores and vegetarians, though the classic rendition hinges on meats. From salmon to duck, and liver to pork, pâté introduces an element of variety and sophistication to the Prepper's pantry. Consider the following options:

1. Portlock Salmon Pâté: Elevate your pilot crackers with the delicate flavors of smoked salmon pâté from Portlock.

2. French Liver and Pork Pâté: Encased in cans, this traditional pâté offers a savory indulgence.

3. Pâté de Foie Gras: Crafted from fattened goose livers, this version showcases a true culinary artistry.

Vienna Sausage, composed of chicken and pork bathing in a chicken broth, mirrors bite-sized cocktail weenies in canned form. Their compactness and cost-effectiveness position them as an attractive protein source for Prepper pantries. The convenient flip-top lid negates the need for a can opener, and their pre-cooked status removes any cooking requirements.

Armour Potted Meat, a presence since the 1960s, carries a curious backstory. "Mechanically separated chicken and beef tripe" constitute its core, produced through a mechanical process that melds crushed bone and tissue into a uniform paste. Despite its label's transparency, the end product maintains a consistent texture. Positioned as an affordable, ready-to-eat solution, Armour Potted Meat's flip-top lid facilitates effortless consumption on crackers or sandwiches. Notably high salt content acts as a preservative, contributing to its pronounced saltiness. While not designed for discerning palates, it stands as a practical option to navigate emergencies.

Canned Meat Spotlight #8: Canned Chicken Overview.

Canned chicken proves to be a valuable inclusion in a prepper's pantry, holding its place as a highly sought-after item at food banks. For those preppers who opt not to consume canned tuna, canned chicken stands out as a prime choice among canned meat selections. Noteworthy among the options are two widely recognized brands: Tyson and Swanson.

Swanson Premium Chunk Chicken Breast, featured on the right-hand side, consists of premium white breast meat. Its consistency doesn't mirror that of a bone-in chicken breast; instead, it resembles the texture of canned tuna. This particular texture renders it an excellent substitute or supplement for the prepper's pantry. Beyond its application as a base for chicken salad spreads on crackers, Swanson's canned white chicken breast serves as a key ingredient in various favorite dinner recipes. This includes its utility in crafting Chicken and Dumplings or Chicken a la King. The versatility extends to making chicken tacos, enchiladas, chicken noodle soup, and preferred casseroles.

Tyson Premium Chunk White Chicken (pack of twelve 12.5-ounce cans) arrives packed in water. Depicted on the right side, this offering provides a substantial collection of 12 robust cans, surpassing the standard 5-ounce cans, resulting in a shipment weight of 12.8 pounds. Tyson's premium chunk white chicken becomes an ideal addition when combined with Alfredo sauce over linguine, yielding a quick and satisfying meal option.

Canned Poultry Selection #9: Turkey.

An additional noteworthy choice for adding to your food reserve is canned turkey. Although somewhat uncommon in local grocery outlets, you can conveniently obtain canned turkey from Yoder's through online sources, as well as Keystone Canned turkey.

If turkey is infrequently included in your diet (reserved mainly for holiday occasions), you might want to explore the turkey banquet option provided by Augason Farms. This substantial bucket contains a hearty feast designed to serve eight individuals.

#10 Canned Fish Options for Your Pantry

While not technically categorized as "meat," fish remains a valuable addition to your pantry. The Prepper's inventory commonly includes tuna, yet there are other fish variations in canned form that are worth considering. Diversify your selection with options like canned salmon.

Canned Tuna: Beyond the familiar tuna sandwich or melt, canned tuna offers versatility. Think of preparing a tuna noodle casserole or exploring Martha Stewart's assortment of recipes. Delve into creations like tuna macaroni salad and Nicoise salad.

An Essential Tuna Note: Be mindful of the oil content in canned tuna. Oils can become rancid swiftly, impacting the shelf life. Opt for water-packed varieties over oil-packed ones, even though the latter might be alluring for their caloric density. Prioritize longevity over immediate caloric gain.

  • Canned Salmon: Canned salmon unlocks culinary opportunities, from salmon patties to various pasta dishes. A creative challenge awaits in substituting salmon for tuna in a Nicoise salad. Notably, salmon stands as a nutritional powerhouse in a prepper's pantry. It boasts a wealth of nutrients, including Omega-3 fatty acids and even calcium. Additionally, consider adding smoked salmon pate to your stockpile for a touch of decadence.

  • Smoked Canned Mackerel: Don't overlook the affordability and flavor of smoked canned mackerel. This protein and Omega-3-rich option is not only economical but also satiating. Explore recipes that harness the potential of canned mackerel.

  • Canned Shrimp: An excellent choice for enhancing pasta dishes or salads.

  • Canned Crab: For crab enthusiasts, canned crab suffices for crafting dishes like crab cakes. Experiment by substituting bread crumbs with alternatives like polenta or potato flakes.

  • Sardines: Sardines extend beyond their partnership with pumpernickel bread. Consider them for adding Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. Enjoy them on durable pumpernickel bread or incorporate them into your recipes.

  • Anchovies: Anchovies' utility surpasses their role in pizza-making. Elevate your meals by incorporating them into nutritious Caesar salads or utilizing them as a pumpernickel bread topping.

  • Canned Oysters: Introduce a touch of indulgence to your prepping assortment with canned oysters.

  • Canned Herring: Herring, a traditional Scandinavian fare, pairs remarkably well with pumpernickel bread.

  • Canned Kipper: Embrace the British tradition with canned kipper fillets, popularly enjoyed in Great Britain.

Additional Prepping Consideration: Freeze-Dried Meats

A crucial aspect of advanced prepping involves incorporating freeze-dried meats into your well-stocked provisions. Surprisingly, many preppers tend to overlook this significant detail.

The shelf life of freeze-dried foods extends beyond 25 years, alleviating concerns about the necessity for frequent food rotation.

  • Mountain House Diced Chicken: Were you aware that freeze-dried diced chicken can be consumed directly from the can without prior rehydration? Mountain House offers freeze-dried diced chicken that is fully cooked and can be promptly rehydrated. Remarkably, it also serves as a satisfying hiking snack and is effortlessly portable.

  • Mountain House Ground Beef: Brimming with nutritional benefits, each can of freeze-dried ground beef you place in your prepper's pantry contributes to your overall well-being. Mountain House's freeze-dried ground beef is pre-cooked and swiftly rehydrates during emergencies. Its versatility shines as it can be incorporated into various dishes such as pastas, casseroles, soups, stews, and chilis.

  • Mountain House Diced Beef: A notable protein source, Mountain House diced beef enhances your preferred recipes, spanning stews, soups, pasta dishes, and chili. Elevate its appeal by adding diced potatoes and simmering them with beef broth to create a hassle-free homemade roast beef hash.

  • Readywise Meat Bucket: This 60 Serving Freeze Dried Meat Bucket is a perfect addition to any food supply, and it contains 20 bonus servings of freeze dried rice. Whether you're affected by a snow storm, hurricane or other weather emergency, it's wise to be prepared. These great-tasting freeze-dried and dehydrated foods are ready in minutes when you just add water. They also come in stackable buckets with an easy Grab-N-Go handle, so they're easy to store and transport.


  • 3 pouches of Roasted Chicken (12 total servings)

  • 3 pouches of Southwest style Chicken (12 total servings)

  • 2 pouches of Teriyaki Chicken (8 total servings)

  • 2 pouches of Stroganoff Beef (8 total servings)

  • 2 pouches of Cheesy Beef (8 total servings)

  • 3 pouches of Roasted Beef (12 total servings)

  • 2 pouches of Rice (20 total servings)

Additional Product Details:

  • Includes 1 total bucket

  • Total calories: 7,520

  • About 60 cups of water needed

  • Food is safely sealed in Metallyte™ pouches

  • To avoid waste, each pouch conveniently contains 4 servings

  • Grab-and-go handles for easy transport in an emergency

  • 15 year shelf life

Final Thoughts

Meat stands as a fundamental food source, and you can ready yourself by arranging and alternating between preserved meats in your regular food supply, along with freeze-dried meats for extended storage. It's important to ensure an ample supply of can openers are kept alongside your freeze-dried provisions.

Meats serve as a prime protein source for prepping endeavors. Accumulate a stock of canned meats for your prepper's pantry, encompassing options like canned bacon, ham, hamburger, roast beef, chicken, turkey, fish, pâté, and an array of other choices. Happy prepping!