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Best Camping Gear of 2023 - Part 1

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

Best Camping Gear of 2023

Planning a camping trip? We certainly hope you are! Whether you're a beginner or looking to stay updated with the latest trends, we've gathered all the top-notch camping equipment right here in one place - just below! This selection represents the gear that our experienced testers would enthusiastically suggest to their closest companions. We've got all the essentials covered: from tents to the finest cookware for your campsite, comprehensive evaluations of camping stoves, and more. Our testers have honed their skills over years of setting up tents and sleeping beneath the celestial expanse, diligently recording observations, scrutinizing materials, and comparing features. Like you, we acquire each item at its full price. Additionally, we encourage you to explore our finest hiking gear reviews, as many of these items prove versatile for a wide range of outdoor escapades.


Camping Tents Reviewed

Choosing the appropriate tent for your outdoor adventure is essential. A sturdy tent ensures you remain dry, cozy, and enjoy a restful night's sleep. Your tent should cater to diverse camping requirements while exhibiting longevity. Our assortment of tent evaluations encompasses premier camping tents, leading rooftop tents, and our finest choices for canopy tents. Naturally, there exists a substantial price spectrum spanning these categories. Below, you will discover our top recommendations within each classification.

Here is a detailed list of different types of tents for camping:

Traditional Camping Tents

  • Dome Tents: Freestanding tents with curved, dome-shaped roofs for stability and simplicity.

  • Cabin Tents: Larger tents with vertical walls, offering more headroom and spacious interiors.

  • Tunnel Tents: Long tents with a tunnel-like shape, providing ample space and multiple compartments.

  • Backpacking Tents: Lightweight and compact tents designed for easy carrying on hiking trips.

  • Expedition Tents: Sturdy and weather-resistant tents suitable for extreme conditions and mountaineering.

Rooftop Tents

  • Hard Shell Rooftop Tents: Tents with a hard shell that opens to reveal the sleeping area, often with built-in mattresses.

  • Soft Shell Rooftop Tents: Tents that fold open from a soft cover, usually with a ladder for access.

  • Pop-Up Rooftop Tents: Tents that can be easily set up and collapsed, providing quick shelter on top of a vehicle.

Canopy Tents

  • Instant Canopy Tents: Easy-to-set-up tents with a collapsible frame, ideal for shade at picnics and events.

  • Commercial Canopy Tents: Sturdy and durable tents designed for commercial use at markets, fairs, and exhibitions.

  • Beach Canopy Tents: Lightweight and portable tents for sun protection and shelter at the beach.

Family Camping Tents

  • Multi-Room Tents: Tents with separate compartments or dividers to create private sleeping areas.

  • Screened-In Tents: Tents with mesh walls for bug protection and ventilation while enjoying the outdoors.

  • Instant Cabin Tents: Large tents that can be set up quickly and comfortably accommodate families.

Ultralight Tents

  • Tarp Tents: Minimalist shelters made from a single piece of fabric, often requiring trekking poles for setup.

  • Single-Wall Tents: Lightweight tents with integrated rainfly and ventilation, suitable for backpacking.

Four-Season Tents

  • Winter Camping Tents: Heavy-duty tents designed to withstand snow, wind, and cold temperatures.

  • Convertible Tents: Tents with removable panels or vestibules for adapting to different weather conditions.

Hammock Tents

  • Camping Hammocks with Tents: Suspended shelters that combine the comfort of a hammock with the protection of a tent.

Bikepacking Tents

  • Compact Tents for Cyclists: Lightweight tents designed for bikepacking trips, easy to attach to a bike.

Solo Tents

  • Single-Person Tents: Small and lightweight tents ideal for solo camping and backpacking.

Group Tents

  • Large Group Tents: Spacious tents designed to accommodate multiple people, suitable for group camping and events.

Remember that each type of tent serves different purposes and offers varying features, so choose the one that best fits your camping needs and preferences.

Our Picks

​Best Overall Camping Tent

​The North Face Wawona 6

Inside Height: 6' 4" | Floor Dimensions: 10' x 8' 6" (85 sq ft)

​The North Face Wawona 6 Best Overall Camping Tent



Huge front vestibule

​Updated detached fly makes pitching unintuitive

Great in the wind and rain

​Back window pockets obstruct views

Amazing value

​Only one door


​Best Bang For Your Buck

REI Co-op Skyward 4

Inside Height: 6' 6" | Floor Dimensions: 8' 4" x 7' 3" (60 sq ft)

REI Co-Op Skyward 4 Camping Tent



Tall interior

Silly rainfly

Quality materials

Fabric isn't super breathable

Large built-in vestibule

Carry bag too small

Great value


Best Form and Function

NEMO Aurora Highrise

Inside Height: ‎75 Inches | Floor Dimensions: ‎120"L x 100"W x 77"H (‎7.7 Square Meters)

NEMO Aurora Highrise Best Form and Function Camping Tent



Huge interior

Setup is hard without two people